Why should I join RLI?

Membership provides the opportunity to help steer the mission and vision of the initiative, while coordinating a harmonized, cross-industry approach to address the root causes of forced labor. In addition, specific services and tools are provided to members to assist in establishing company-level due diligence programs, including:

  • Sensing, Advocacy and Communications Services
  • World-Class Standards and Compliance Checklists
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessments
  • Self-Assessments and Audits for Factories and Labor Agents
  • Factory Capability-Building, Supported by a Third-Party Helpline
  • Labor Agency Development and an “On-Ramp” to Certification Systems
  • Recruitment Corridor Data and Research
  • E-Learning Academy with topics such as understanding, recognizing and preventing forced labor, introduction to human rights, recruitment process, worker engagement, ethical recruitment and conducting due diligence on recruitment fees in the supply chain.