What is the difference between an RBA and RLI member?

RBA membership is open to companies that manufacture or contract the manufacture of electronic goods or a product in which electronics are essential to the primary functionality of the product, or supply materials used in the electronics of those goods. In recent years, the RBA has seen its membership expand beyond traditional electronics companies – into automotive and toy industries, for example – due to the prevalence of electronics in these products. RBA members enjoy a rich community of practice as well as tools, programs and other services that support the entire RBA Code of Conduct. The benefits and requirements of becoming an RBA member can be found here.

RLI membership is open to any company (1) that supports the RLI vision and mission, (2) whose primary objective of joining the initiative is the implementation of forced labor due diligence in their supply chain, and (3)  produces or contracts the production of goods sold in local or international markets. RBA Member companies are automatically RLI members and join those companies that join the RLI exclusively to collectively drive due diligence on forced labor.